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Children's Books by Ramona Wood

Telling stories with pictures and words


Thank you for visiting my site.

Writing stories that entertain while teaching about life, is what I do. Then I splash on some color with my illustrations.I hope you and your kids enjoy my books as much as I enjoy creating them!


PS-I apologize if my site doesn't work well on your Smartphone. Tip:When you've landed there, click the browser's 3-dot menu at the top and click "Desktop site" to see more. Or if possible, view on a larger screen.

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Ship a book for a buck, while this offer lasts. For only one dollar per book available at, when shipped to any address within the continental United States. (Those in other areas may check availability from the in their region.) Thank you very much.

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Manners & Tips for Caring Kids (hardcover)


BRAND NEW! Click on "Book Shop" at the top bar, then down to "Manners & Tips for Caring Kids" to order the Hardcover book that holds up better for kids. But if you prefer paperback, click on the Amazon link below. Thanks!