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Children's Books by Ramona Wood

Telling stories with pictures and words

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A Day Set Apart

"When the sun goes down at the end of the week, God's Sabbath begins."

A family takes a break from their full schedules to refresh body, mind, and spirit on God's Sabbath. Included is a special back section "Sabbath Stories from the Past" showing that keepers of the seventh day are in step with both Old and New Testaments of the Bible: Jesus kept the Sabbath. The Apostle Paul did too--even as he blazed the trail for the spread of the Gospel in a brand-new era of God's Church.


32 pages

A Look Inside


"I was so happy to get your third book, on the Sabbath day. You do such an amazing job, all your books are wonderful keepsakes. I hope some day to have grandchildren to read them with too...          

Thanks again!"

Kathy Wasdin, mother of three


"Just finished reading your new book. It is so awesome! My little six-year-old grandson loves it. He is always asking questions about our church and can now read books by himself. And he has no trouble reading A Day Set Apart.  

Our church has needed a book like this for the children for a long time. It is a good way to help our children learn about our beliefs. The illustrations are just great! Thank you from a lot of us mothers and grandmothers (like me) for writing it!"                              

Alice Jewell, mother of five, grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of five