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Children's Books by Ramona Wood

Telling stories with pictures and words

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Now Caitlin Can: A donated organ helps a child get well.

"When Freddie learned a kidney transplant could help his sister, Caitlin was too small...Then she needed a special gift from people who didn't even know her. Could this really happen?"

Based on a true story, this book gives a glimpse into a young family's life with chronic illness.

Fortunately four-year-old Caitlin's fate changed when she received a donated kidney. Thanks to the donor and his family, she began to live a normal life for the first time ever!


32 pages

A Look Inside

Book Reviews

 "It quickly became his favorite bedtime story. He especially loves the page in the back with

all the "real people" and has memorized who is who and introduced them all to his older brother...Your story definitely touched one little heart very deeply and I wanted to let you

know that."

Ellie Schlam, referring to her 5-year-old son

National Kidney Foundation Communications Director


 "What's it like to be a transplant recipient?...Ramona Wood gives children a touching description in Now Caitlin Can. This true story, told through the eyes of Caitlin's brother, Freddie follows the family's life as the little girl awaits a kidney transplant."

Jane Schneider, Reporter

Memphis Parent Magazine